Advertising Gift Details

  • Carlson Craft

    A 20% discount off of Carlson Craft invitations, gifts, and accessories - you will receive a web address link and a coupon code to use your discount at the conclusion of the Vital Nutrition Plus Cooking Show.

  • 5.5” Hammer Stahl Santoku Knife– $99 Value

    You will receive a gift certificate for your santoku knife when you attend the cooking show. You can order your knife either online or over the phone by following the instructions on your gift certificate. There is a $19.95 shipping cost. Please allow 10 business days to process your certificate. MCA Enterprises may substitute the Hammer Stahl Santoku knife with another knife of equal value without notice.

  • Vacations and Cruises

    You are responsible for your own transportation, airfare, taxes and resort fees. There is NO timeshare involved in any of the vacation packages we offer.

  • All Inclusive Vacation Package

    Your all-inclusive escape includes 4 day/3 night accommodations for two adults at an all inclusive beachfront resort in your choice of the Bahamas, Mexico or Dominican Republic. A $50 registration fee is required to book this trip and ALL taxes, travel and resort fees (approximately $50 per day) are to be paid by travelers. Blackout dates do apply (Major Holidays). This offer can be extended by travelers to exceed 3 nights for special discounted rates. AIRFARE IS NOT INCLUDED. NO TIMESHARE PRESENTATION IS REQUIRED.

  • USA 3 Day/2 Night Hotel Accommodations

    This offer entitles you and a companion to enjoy 3 fun-filled days and 2 exciting nights at one of over 50 beautiful destinations across the United States. This offer does NOT include airfare or any form of transportation, taxes, meals, etc. A $50 refundable deposit is required when booking this getaway.

  • Grand Celebration Grand Bahama Cruise

    This cruise includes 3 day/2 night for two. Customer pays $59 (each passenger) for U.S port fees with cruise agent once they register the certificate. Upon arrival at ship each passenger pays $16 in gratuities per day and $24 State of Florida fuel charge. The total out lay per passenger is 59+ 48+24 = $131. All meals and entertainment are included- DRINKS ARE NOT INCLUDED.

Common Questions

  • Question: How long will the cooking show last?

    Answer: The Vital Nutrition Plus Cooking Show is scheduled to last about an hour but may last up to 90 minutes depending on who the host is and crowd participation.

  • Question: Did I really win and are ALL of the gifts totally free?

    Answer: ABSOLUTELY NOT. You did not WIN anything, and not every gift is 100% free. This was not a sweepstakes and no drawing took place. At some point somewhere you or someone that you know requested information about Vital Nutrition Plus, our products, our cooking show or registered to receive a gift package. Please read the details above on any advertising gift you may have received.

  • Question: Do I have to buy anything?

    Answer: NO, if at the end of the show you have any questions about our products, specials, gift registry or placing an order with us, our cooking show staff is there to help you out and answer your questions. If at the end of the show you choose not to become a customer and have no questions you will receive your gift package with no pressure to purchase anything.